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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis™


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Full course description

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a cornerstone of developing wellness support plans and understanding personal health and wellness. How often have you reviewed lab reports for yourself or with a client that indicate results are “within normal range,” but the individual behind the labs feels anything but normal? This is where functional blood chemistry analysis and understanding optimal versus normal ranges become important components in wellness consulting.

The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Specialist™ micro-credential* provides a foundation for a holistic approach to understanding blood chemistry analysis and functional labs, emphasizing optimal values rather than clinical ranges. This micro-credential also emphasizes a correlation between all parts of the body, not just one independent biomarker. Students will develop an ability to effectively analyze an individual’s nutrition and supplement needs by reviewing functional blood chemistry labs. This course also provides a comprehensive and scientific means of monitoring an individual’s overall state of health.*


Upon completion of this micro-credential, earners will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of blood chemistry medical laboratory assessments.
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate the importance of the selection of tests specific to the needs of the individual client based on the client’s presentation and symptomatology.
  • Integrate the elements of the findings into a wellness support plan.
  • Utilize optimal and clinical ranges for blood laboratory tests.
  • Apply the safe and effective use of integrative health protocols to inform individually designed wellness support plans, determined from the evaluation and analysis of the laboratory tests.
  • Determine and apply therapeutic protocols and interventions, including diet programs, lifestyle changes, and supplements.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a micro-credential certificate and verified digital badge you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise and knowledge. Enjoy your learning journey!

*This micro-credential is for professional development and does not award academic credit. Non-credit micro-credentials are not accredited by DEAC.