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ACHS Aromatherapy in Cancer Care Webinar Series ACHS Aromatherapy in Cancer Care Webinar Series is a Course

ACHS Aromatherapy in Cancer Care Webinar Series


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This series of webinar presentations is designed to highlight the current body of research demonstrating the potential aromatherapy has as a complementary part of cancer care. We recognize the value and need for evidence-based information on this topic for students, alumni, aromatherapists, healthcare providers, and the public alike. 

Our ACHS Aromatherapy faculty have diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise alongside decades of experiences, bringing together the best of research, professional experience, and aromatherapy knowledge. 

If you have had questions about how aromatherapy can safely support individuals who are undergoing cancer care, cancer survivors, or their caregivers, in an evidence-based way, this is the event for you! 

This event and all the information presented is for educational purposes only and does not take the place of medical advice or conventional medical treatment. All holistic support should be shared with and approved by an individual’s licenced healthcare professional. 

This event is not designed to provide individual or specific recommendations. Rather it is designed to provide education on the published research and clinical applications of aromatherapy to support individuals undergoing cancer care, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers. We want to empower attendees to be able to share this information with their healthcare providers and hope to foster dialogue and adherence to safe best practices for aromatherapy. Also we hope to empower healthcare professionals to be able to share this body of information with their teams, and employ aromatherapy self care strategies for themselves as well. 

We are also pleased to announce a case study panel presentation by ACHS MS in Aromatherapy and Graduate Certificate in Aromatherapy Alumni on Thursday November 11th as part of this event. The case study panel will be moderated by Amanda Lattin Aromatherapy Program Chair and ACHS Aromatherapy Faculty. This is sure to be an incredible opportunity to hear about professional aromatherapy! 



Note: This micro-credential is for professional development and does not award academic credit. Non-credit micro-credentials are not accredited by DEAC.