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Full program description

Earners will feel confident in understanding how to create topical and inhalation aromatherapy applications while following important safety precautions. The four-course series culminates with five interactive hypothetical client case studies focused on common reasons your clients, family, or community are interested in using aromatherapy support plans.

To earn this micro-credential, you’ll develop a comprehensive working knowledge of 20 essential oils and study these topics over four courses:

  • How to Use Essential Oils
  • Safety Considerations
  • How Essential Oils Support Wellness (Chemical composition)
  • Blending Essentials and Key Formulations. 

This course culminates in 100 hours of study and meets the education requirements for NAHA Level 1 Membership.

An optional practical lab kit is also available from the Apothecary Shoppe to supplement your learning with hands-on activities.